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The vegan traveller

Being vegan is great. Being vegan and eating gluten-free is also great, and surprisingly isn’t as hard as it sounds. That is, until you eat out, stay at a friend’s house overnight or travel to a different country altogether. That’s when it can really get challenging.

But it doesn’t have to be that hard, and you don’t need to compromise on your beliefs for the sake of your surroundings.

Using the tips and tricks in ‘The Vegan Traveller’, you'll be able to go out with your friends or family completely stress-free. They’ll even forget you're a so-called 'difficult eater' and instead you can all focus on having a good time together. After all that’s what eating out together is all about.

As a vegan who loves to travel, I’ve come across a few obstacles along the way and I know just how hard it can be. But with a lot of hard work, I discovered the tricks and tips that really work and I’m here to help you overcome and conquer them quickly and easily.

No longer will you have to lose sleep over where you are going to eat, and what options will be open to you.

‘The Vegan Traveller’ contains tips and tricks for preparing your trip, discovering great restaurants, eating at restaurants that don't serve vegan meals, sleeping in the best places, eating on the road and much more! Importantly, you will also learn how to travel with meat-eaters, and still enjoy some great food.

Each chapter will tackle a different challenge that comes when you travel as a vegan, and you will learn everything you need to know to get started right away.

And as a bonus ‘The Vegan Traveller’ also contains a few easy recipes that you can prepare at home before you jet off.

Don’t wait any longer- download this book to find out how you can start making vegan travelling easy and fun TODAY!